Structures can be pretty much anything in the built environment; buildings, bridges, tunnels etc. and ABA carry out surveys of structures for a variety of reasons, including renovations, alterations, as-builts and asset management.

We are experts in capturing the whole environment. This not only means those obvious features visible above ground, such as buildings, highways and bridges, but also those hidden from view such as caves, tunnels, sewers and underground services. Knowing how all these features relate to each other in the spatial environment is critical to any design, planning and development.

Deliverables include 2D drawings, 3D wireframe drawings, 3D BIM compliant models, Leica TruViews, full colour point clouds & orthophotos.

Data can be supplied in a variety of different forms including AutoCAD, Bentley Microstation and Rhino.

Point cloud view above and below ground Structures

Blackfriars Bridge Point Cloud and Wireframe Model of Structure