Project Description


Olympic Stadium Point Cloud

In 2009 ABA Surveying was asked by the Team Stadium Consortium to provide accurate as-built models of the upper tier roof structure steelwork at the Olympic Stadium during the construction process.

Accurate as-builts were required at various stages to ensure that each element was performing as expected under loading and that the next stage of construction could proceed.

We were able to scan the complete upper tier of the OIympic Stadium using our three Leica HDS 6100 scanners in a matter of hours.

With our refined work flow we were able to register the data and supply the monitoring information within 2 weeks of each site visit.

The rapid generation of the 3D Wireframe model enabled Team Stadium to proceed with construction in confidence and was part of the team effort which completed the Stadium on schedule.

For more details please read the full article published in Professional Surveyor Magazine.

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