Blackfriars Bridge

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BLACKFRIARS BRIDGE Blackfriars Bridge, London Leica HDS4500 Leica ScanStation Total Station GRP5000 Rail Trolley 3D CAD Model Registered Point Clouds TruViews Railway Surveying is not just about tracks as we proved on the Thameslink Project. The Thameslink Programme was a huge project of track and infrastructure improvements.  Asked to provide [...]

Derby Station Remodelling

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DERBY STATION REMODELLING Derby Railway Station, UK Leica P40 Scanner Total Station 3D CAD Model As part of the Derby Station remodelling programme there was a requirement for an as-built of a new footbridge. The bridge was scanned both externally and internally using a Leica P40 scanner and controlled by targets [...]

Midland Mainline Electrification

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MIDLAND MAINLINE ELECTRIFICATION Bedford to Kettering, UK Leica P40 Scanner Total Station GPS Rail Trolleys Air Survey 3D Surface Model 2D Elevations TruViews Point Cloud Data Aerial Photography Gauging Data The survey for the Midland Main Line Upgrade between Bedford and Kettering involved the modelling of some 18 bridges and viaducts along [...]

Gospel Oak – Barking Electricification

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Gospel Oak - Barking Electricification Gosepl Oak - Barking, UK Air Survey Leica P40 Scanner Total Station GPS GRP Rail Trolley 3D Surface Model Gauging Data Aerial Photography This was a Network Rail project to electrify the line between Gospel Oak and Barking, a distance of some 20km, with 5km being [...]

Panmon Project – Cheddington

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Panmon Project - Cheddington Cheddington, Buckinghamshire, UK Leica P40 Scanner 3D Surface Model The Panmon Programme was a Network Rail project to mount special cameras on selected gantry’s to monitor wear on the contact wire. This information can then be transmitted back over time to an office for analysis. These cameras are [...]

Oxford Corridor Project

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Oxford Corridor Project Oxford, UK Leica HDS 6200 GRP Rail Trolley Total Station GPS 3D CAD Models Gauging Data POD Files TruView The Oxford Corridor is a site of extensive capacity and performance investment in the railway network. In 2014 ABA was contracted by TATA Steel to survey Oxford Station, its [...]