Switches & Cross-Overs

We carry out coordinated surveys of switches and crossings for remodelling, renewals and as-built purposes. Surveys are coordinated and will include all detail likely to impact on design. We will deliver the results as 3D data files in GENIO (MXrail), AutoCad or Microstation formats.

The work is referenced to local PGMs tied in and coordinated by traversing and levelling. The running edges are surveyed using a one second total station observing to a rail shoe mounted prism for greatest accuracy.

Any detail likely to impact on design will be noted by the surveyor and may include change of sleepers, long timbers, rail joints etc.

Rails will be surveyed at least every 5m and maybe at every sleeper for critical junctions.

In Red Zone prohibited areas we can even survey using 3D scanning with the same accuracy.

Quality checks are carried out on all data for gauge, versine and coding continuity.

We are trialling rail head scanning and are currently seeking approval for rail head scanning lasers.

Switch & Crossover S&C CAD Plan