Permanent Way

We deliver high accuracy surveys of permanent way for remodelling, renewals, design validation and as-built purposes. We use a combination of static laser scanning using our Leica P40 scanners, kinematic scanning utilising our Amberg GRP5000 rail trolley and total stations for Survey Control and spatially critical information.

The running edges of the rails are surveyed using a total station in conjunction with a rail shoe. The remaining topographic information is obtained with the Laser Scanners. Deliverables are usually 3D Wire Frame Models in either AutoCAD or Bentley Microstation formats. We can also supply GENIO files for Bentley Rail if required.

In Red Zone prohibited areas it is even possible to survey the tracks from the cess using our unique 3D scanning techniques and processes.

Scanning Railway OLE with two Leica Laser Scanners from the cess