Derby Station Remodelling

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DERBY STATION REMODELLING Derby Railway Station, UK Leica P40 Scanner Total Station 3D CAD Model As part of the Derby Station remodelling programme there was a requirement for an as-built of a new footbridge. The bridge was scanned both externally and internally using a Leica P40 scanner and controlled by targets [...]

Natural History Museum


Natural History Museum Kensington, London, UK Leica P40 Scanner Total Station 3D BIM Model ABA surveying was contracted in 2013 to conduct a full 3D survey of the Palaeontology Building of the Natural History Museum. In contrast to the historic Waterhouse building, the modern Palaeontology Building had been built in the [...]

Oxford Corridor Project

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Oxford Corridor Project Oxford, UK Leica HDS 6200 GRP Rail Trolley Total Station GPS 3D CAD Models Gauging Data POD Files TruView The Oxford Corridor is a site of extensive capacity and performance investment in the railway network. In 2014 ABA was contracted by TATA Steel to survey Oxford Station, its [...]